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Not for money! That is for sure. What is it about the creative process that drives us? I know enough musicians that spend countless hours practicing alone and with bands and they earn little money. They have day jobs and squeeze their “art” in as best they can. In fact the best guitar player I have ever heard bar none was playing in New York City for tips in a coffee shop the size of my small living room. I see this drive to create in dancers, visual artists, poets, cabinet makers, teachers and countless other of creative people as well.

I know for me I can only watch so many episodes of the Partridge Family marathon before I find myself out in the yard welding hunks of metal together or plugged into my recording equipment working on a new piece.  Art or great art isn’t really part of the equation. I just end up trying to create something.

There is an interesting interview with Daniel Pink and Clay Shirky at Wired.com about this topic. They talk about how much free time we have and how (for a brief time, in my opinion) people used to fill up their free time watching TV and now they use their free time creating content on the net. I like the idea of Cognitive Surplus, great title. I think about pre-electricity days when most people lived on an agricultural calendar. There must have been vast amounts of free time in the winter. This is when people quilted or played music or hand crafted furniture, or maybe just drank the winter away.

Another interesting bit is this video or animated lecture by Daniel Pink about why people are not motivated primarily by profit. Shocking thought hmmm?

I guess I’m not the only one that wonders this: Same question with some inane comments, a blog discussion about the animated lecture by Daniel Pink.

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A picture of the Japanese 13-stringed koto.

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I went to the first set at The Stone on Sunday the 22nd. The set was with Miya Masaoka (koto, electronics) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Satoshi Takeshi (percussion). It was my first time to The Stone. It is a small club on the corner of Avenue C and 2nd Street. It was a rainy soggy day and I was glad to get in out of the rain to hear some music. The koto is an instrument that seems to be all about nuance and subtlety and and at times that element was evident. Other times the ensemble created a wall of sound that brought the instrument into another dimension. Mary Halvorson is a great young guitarist. You should check her out if she comes through your town in any one of her many projects.  I enjoyed Satoshi Takeshi’s percussive additions. He played in an understated quiet way that supported the other musicians. His kit was unconventional in that he sat on the floor and had a series of cymbals and other percussion laid out before him.

 I’m looking forward to seeing more shows at The Stone. A cool little venue with interesting music every night.  I love unconventional combinations of instruments so this was a perfect fit for my tastes.

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Downtown New York

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I’m making an effort to get out and hear more LIVE music. Kind of hard to do for a cheap bastard.  Classical music, jazz, folk to outside the box weird ass music, I’ll listen to almost anything. I know, I’m a music slut. I’ll be going into New York tomorrow to hear some musicians playing koto with electronics, guitar, and percussion. 8:00 at the “The Stone”. I’ll update after the show.

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